1. Israel From the Sky - Jericho

    Jericho is located in the West Bank between Jerusalem and is the lowest city in the world at 258 meters below sea level. Explore the sights of one of the oldest inhabited cities where Jesus once walked, as seen from the sky.
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  2. Israel From the Sky - Judean Desert

    The Judean Desert lies roughly between Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley. Its unique terrain made it an ideal hiding place for King David before he became Israel’s greatest king. Explore this rocky desert, as seen from the sky.
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  3. Israel From the Sky - Caesarea

    King Herod built Caesarea into a major port city around 20 BCE. It was an administrative center of the Roman Empire and was where Paul was imprisoned for two years. Explore the beautiful sites of Caesarea, as seen from the sky.
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  4. Israel From the Sky - Haifa

    Haifa is a city in northern Israel well-known for its beautiful Bahai Gardens between the slopes of Mount Carmel and the Mediterranean Sea. Explore the beautiful landscape of modern, yet historical Haifa, as seen from the sky.
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