1. Israel From the Sky - Sea of Galilee Capernaum

    Jesus did most of his ministry on the shores of the Galilee. Explore the very sites where he taught the hungry crowds, called his first disciples and healed the hoards of sick and suffering, all from the sky.
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  2. Israel From the Sky - Temple Mount

    The Temple Mount is the region of Mount Moriah where Abraham offered up Isaac and where the Jewish Temples once stood. Explore one of the most holy of holy sites from a new perspective, from the sky.
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  3. Israel From the Sky - Acre

    Acre, also spelled Akko, is an ancient port city in northwest Israel that has been continuously inhabited for 4000 years. A mix of old and new, explore the beautiful city of Acre from the sky.
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  4. Israel From the Sky - Jerusalem (Jaffa Gate)

    Jaffa Gate is one of the seven main open gates in the historic walls that lead into the Old City of Jerusalem. Numerous tourists have used this western entrance into the Old City, experience this familiar site from the sky.
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