1. Israel From the Sky - Haifa

    Haifa is a city in northern Israel well-known for its beautiful Bahai Gardens between the slopes of Mount Carmel and the Mediterranean Sea. Explore the beautiful landscape of modern, yet historical Haifa, as seen from the sky.
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  2. Israel From the Sky - Masada

    King Herod fortified Masada in preparation of a revolt over 2,000 years ago. It is also the site where thousands of Romans came to crush the final remnants of the Jewish resistance, and where 960 Jews chose to commit suicide rather than be c...
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  3. Israel From the Sky - Tel Aviv-Jaffa

    Jaffa’s name derives from the Hebrew word yafah or yofi meaning “beautiful” or “beauty.” This ancient city, said to be founded by Japheth, is one of the world’s oldest ports. It’s where the magnifice...
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  4. Israel From the Sky - Mar Saba Monastery

    We introduce Mar Saba Monastery, located in east Bethlehem. This monastery, situated on the eastern cliff of the Kidron Valley, was founded in AD 483 and named after Saint Sabas, who lived there as a monk for five years from AD 478. It was r...
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